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ชื่องานวิจัย : การบำบัดรักษาผู้เสพยาบ้าโดยใช้ภูมิปัญญาไทย : กรณีศึกษาวัดแห่งหนึ่งในภาคใต้
ผู้แต่ง : ไหมไทย   ศรีแก้ว
ชื่อวารสาร :  วารสารการแพทย์แผนไทยและการแพทย์ทางเลือก
ปีที่ : 4
ฉบับที่ : 2
ปีที่วิจัย : 2006
หน่วยงาน/องค์กร/สถาบัน(หลัก) : –
บทคัดย่อไทย-อังกฤษ(Abstract) :

Objective: To study Thai traditional therapy for Amphetamine addicted clients

Design: Qualitative research

Methods: Key informants were sixty two clients staying in the temple. They are three groups including 1) twenty two clients staying in the temple 7 – 14 days ago 2) nineteen clients staying in the temple 45 days ago and 3) twenty one clients staying in the temple 90 days ago. And then continuously follow up. Data collecting were non-participant observation, natural conversation, in-depth interview and focus group discussion by using tape record and field note.

Result: Thai traditional therapy for amphetamine addicted clients, they divided into are three characteristic groups, 1) discipline management: strictly control about timing, responsibility, group control, therapeutic regimens, punishment when they made some mistakes, control area, without amphetamine drug in the temple. 2) Physical rehabilitation: use herbal therapy and exercise, herbal drink two times a day for detoxification through urination and sweating, better appetite and well sleep. Herbal inhalation and exercise program on Monday-Friday. 3) Psychosocial and spiritual rehabilitation: apply religion practice by listening to the tape record and the priest teaching about virtue, Buddhists praying, learning the disappointness and sadness to their parents adaptation to daily life without Amphetamine supporting their responsibility and will.

Conclusions: Thai traditional therapy for curing amphetamine addicted clients have three components were discipline management, herbal therapy and apply religion practice.


Key words: thai tradition therapy, amphetamine addicted.

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เจ้าของงานวิจัย : ไหมไทย ศรีแก้ว และคณะ




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