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Balavi Natural Medicine Center developed from a natural medicine clinic by medical doctors since 1982 and had been founded as a medical health center in 1992. We got decades of experiences in treating cancer by holistic approach.The principle of cancer treatment at Balavi are: to shrink down the cancer mass, increase immunity and prevent out spreading of cancer cell. Any patient can be treated by conventional medicine like surgery, chemo-therapy or radiation will be encouraged. Natural treatment will be applied for such cases both for enhancing the effectiveness of cancer cure and reduce side effects from conventional therapy. Any case which is not suitable for conventional treatment, because of physical or mental tolerance, very low rate of respond by the type of cancer etc., natural treatment approach are also applied. The aims of treatment are: improving the quality of life, prolong life and or complete cure.

 The modes of treatment at Balavi are as following: anti cancer diet, oral and intravenous high vitamin intake, some formula of Thai herb, coffee enema, hydro-aerobics, sauna and herbal steam bath, solar bath, qigong and meditation training, family counseling and Dharma preaching. All these treatment are grouped up as a package of 10 days course in group therapy, after that individual follow up had been done as long as we can.

The result of cancer cases collected from Oct 2004-Dec 2005 are as following: all cancer patients that came to consult at the OPD are 463 cases. Just came for 1-2 times and no further contact 190 cases (41.0%), join in the course of treatment 273 cases (58.9%). Patients were classified by prognosis:Gr.1 Expecting complete remission (stage 1-2) 82 cases(30.04%) , Gr.2 Prolonging life (stage 3) 100 cases (36.63%), Gr.3 Terminating case (multi-organ involvement, ascites, pericardial and pleural effusion, carcinoma peritoneii) 91 cases (33.33%)

In 82 cases of Gr.1, 14 cases(17.07%) all have well being, no recurrent after follow up >1 yr. 33 cases(40.25%) are healthy, no recurrent after follow up 6 mo.-1 yr. The other 35 cases (42.68%) can just be followed up ½-6 mo. They are new cases or cases of no further contact after 1 course of treatment.

In 100 cases of Gr.2, 17(17.00%) cases are at their good health, no recurrent after follow up >1 yr. 36 cases (36.00%) are healthy, no recurrent after follow up 6mo.-1 yr. The other 47 cases(47.00%) can just be followed up ½-6 mo. They are new cases or cases of no further contact after 1 course of treatment.
In 91 cases of Gr.3, 7 cases(7.69%) are still alive and can live longer than 1 yr. 27 cases(29.67%) all have their well being, after follow up 6 mo.-1 yrs. The other 57 cases(62.64%) can just be follow up ½ -6 mo. They are new cases or cases of no further contact after 1 course of treatment.

There are many interesting cases study of terminating patients who live longer than 1 year, longer than expected.


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